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Isabelle realized she would never fit into the mold that the music industry wanted her to, so she became determined to overcome and fight back. Striving to be a body activist for female artists in the industry, With her own powerhouse vocals, Isabelle wants to bring back real voices, real bodies, and real stories. Her single “Unlabeled” is a powerful introduction to Isabelle’s mark on this world, that as of now, is already affecting millions. 

Of her break-through Isabelle explains,  “I realized I had a story that others wanted to relate to. We have enough music out there that doesn’t connect. I had fans listening because they understood exactly what I was going through. Self-doubt is a huge issue currently because of social media. My fans appreciate honesty, they gave me my musical purpose.” 

Isabelle has not only created real authentic songs, but her music videos have also captivated many reaching over 5 millions views including her videos for “Unlabeled”,“Distance” and “What If”. Through her videos being passed around on social media, Isabelle caught the eye of Amber Rose who asked Isabelle to perform at The Amber Rose SlutWalk for over 4,000 people in downtown LA. Isabelle’s upcoming album will be released July 2019, including songs that some say go far beyond any of her past releases. Isabelle’s goal to inspire and touch others through her music isn’t a mission she will ever take lightly.

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