Once curvy songstress Isabelle realized she would  never fit into the mold that the music industry wanted her to, she became determined to offer something more. Isabelle wants to bring back real voices, real bodies, and truth. Isabelle’s award winning music video “Unlabeled” is a powerful introduction to Isabelle’s story already affecting millions. 

After being raised in Duluth, Ga, Isabelle attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music. After graduating, Isabelle caught the attention of American Idol and went on to appear on the show in 2013, making it to the top 20. After Idol, Isabelle moved to New York City to star in the off Broadway show, POPNATION, then headed west to pursue her own original music.  

Isabelle wrote her single “Unlabeled” after she had moved to LA and was already sick of the way she was treated because she didn’t look like what “a woman in the industry should look like.“Unlabeled” caught the eye of The Amber Rose SlutWalk where she performed the song for over 4,000 people in downtown LA. Later that same year she released her holiday single, “What if” followed by her latest pop anthem “Weathered”.

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